North Shore Funeral Home AGM April 16, 2019

On the evening of April 16, 2019 as the wind blew cold, and chill, inside all was warm for those who braved the elements to attend the Annual General Meeting of North Shore Funeral Home and to have a first look at the newly renovated interior of the Home.

North Shore Funeral Home is very pleased to report that it has had a successful year, although a very busy and somewhat challenging one at times.  The renovations on the Home begun last summer are complete inside; the outside work will soon be completed when weather permits.  The two apartments downstairs now completely renovated are being rented.

North Shore continued to serve the needs of their members and others during this busy time, holding the usual number of wakes, funerals and a Celebration of Life held in the newly renovated Home.

Michelle Burge from MRSB was present to go over the financial report for 2018; she reported a very successful year, and a good outlook for North Shore Funeral Home.

Two members of the board are retired – Bill Lewis, having served as President for two terms of six years, and Mary Trainor having served as Board Member for one term of three years. Two new members to the board were nominated and approved – Michelle Gouthro from Peakes and Charlie MacAdam from West St.Peters.

Mary Trainor and Bill Lewis were each presented with a gift in recognition of their contribution to North Shore Funeral Home.

As guest speaker for the AGM, Father George Gilliland was present to give an enlightening and inspiring talk on the subject of grief – namely For Everything There Is A Season – Journeying Through Grief.

Father Gilliland is now retired – or semi-retired as he puts it – as he remains involved within his various capacities when called upon.  He has had much experience with the living and with the dying during his life as an orderly, paramedic and as chaplain at both Hillsborough Hospital and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for many years.

Father Gilliland commented on the nature of grief, continuing grief, and the accompanying of the dying person, and the family of the dying, by being present in whatever way we are able and is suitable.  His remarks in light of the examples he gave from his life experience were informative, apt and helpful in relation to everyone’s call to accompany the dying, as family members, friends, community members, funeral directors and funeral homes.  At the end of this talk, Father Gilliland told us that he is available to be called upon to serve or give assistance to anyone who might be interested.

After the meeting a delicious lunch was served by May Campbell and Kay Ford.  While members and guests socialized, the Board held a short meeting welcoming the two new members.  Rodney Dingwell was elected as the Chairman taking over from Bill Lewis and Marion Trowbridge as the new vice-Chair, taking over from Lisa Holland.  Bill Lewis will remain as Past President to continue assisting in various capacities.  Anne Morrison continues as secretary.  With this meeting concluded, the Board members were able to enjoy a well deserved lunch and social time, before heading out into the dark and windy (including snow flurries) night.

An Open House to view the newly renovated Funeral Home is planned for Sunday June 9, 2019.

One and all are most welcome!