Local Cemeteries for North Shore Funeral Home

This list is included as a resource for the reader. North Shore Funeral Home cannot guarantee the accuracy or the completeness of this list.  If you see errors or omissions, or when changes occur, please contact us so we can update this information.

All Saints Parish Cemetery
Brian Somers 902-583-3356
Chris MacDonald 902-583-3436
Scott MacPhee 902-583-3036

Annandale United /Presbyterian Cemetery

Bangor Cemetery
Grant Compton 902-961-2001

Brooklyn Cemetery
Laurie Loane 902-969-3177
Note: all burials must be done by Lorne MacDonald 902-846-0772

Brudenell Cemetery
Rita Donahoe 902-838-3193

Donaldston Cemetery
Brent Ellis 902-672-2004
Allan Doyle 902-672-2766

Dundas United Church Cemetery
David Nicholson 902-583-2710

Dundas Acorn Cemetery (The Old)
Wesley Stead 902-583-2203

Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery
Georgetown 902-652-2317

Lorne Valley Cemetery
Lorne Valley
Raymond Shaw 902-583-2285

Midgell & Marie Cemeteries
Midgell & Marie
Blois Dingwell 902-961-2200 902-394-5139

Mount Stewart People’s Cemetery
Mount Stewart
Deanna Birt 902-676-2857

St. Andrew’s Parish Cemtery
St. Andrew’s
Robert Walsh 902-676-3042

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Cemetery

St. Bonaventure Parish Cemetery
Tracadie Cross

St. Cuthbert’s Parish Cemetery
St. Teresa
Jay Kenny 902-583-2830

St. David’s United Church Cemetery
Danny King 902-652-2708 or 902-696-7505

St. Francis de Sales Parish Cemetery
Little Pond

St. George’s Parish Cemetery
St. George’s
Edith MacDonald 902-583-2541

St. James Parish Cemetery
Mark Gotell 902-652-2108 902-969-9190

St. Lawrence O’Toole Parish Cemetery
Green Meadows
David Byrne 902-961-3454

St. Peter’s Bay Parish Cemetery
St. Peter’s Bay
Eric MacInnis 902-961-2186 or 902-626-9751

St. Theresa Little Flower Parish Cemetery
David MacAdam 902-961-2242 or 902-626-8194

West St. Peter’s Cemetery
West St. Peter’s
Kevin Mosher / Liz Mosher 902-961-2237