A Brief History


April 1989 was a milestone in the history of the north shore area of Prince Edward Island. That month the first organizational meeting was held, the Articles of Incorporation signed and By-Laws adopted for the North Shore Funeral Co-operative Limited.

The first directors were Bill Hatton who became the first Register and Secretary; Ken Dunn, Alban Wood, David Byrne, Ken MacDougall, and Frank Dunn, first President. A new and unique co-operative had been formed to serve the families of the broad geographical area. Five months later Ken Dunn replaced his deceased father as President.

In the first half of 1990 a hearse was acquired and a selection room completed above the old Morell Co-op store, enabling the Co-op to become fully operational. During the first two years, information meetings were held in St. Peters Bay, Georgetown, St. Teresa, Cardigan, and St.Georges, and later in Tracadie Cross and St. Margaret’s. Membership grew and the Co-op flourished.

In 1994, after much planning had gone into building a new funeral home, the Co-op was approached and eventually agreed to purchase the former Murray Funeral Home, in Morell. The Official Opening was held on October 16, 1994. A two-story addition was added the next month, providing a two-vehicle garage and a large display room.

The Co-op has continued to grow and develop into the successful business that it is today, but it never lost its focus of quality personal service to those in need.