North Shore Funeral Home AGM April 19, 2022

The Annual General Meeting of the North Shore Funeral Co-op was held Tuesday, April 19, 2022 at the funeral home in Morell.

Chairperson Marion Trowbridge reported a very successful year fulfilling North Shore Funeral Home’s motto of “Neighbours Helping Neighbours in their Time of Need”.

The Funeral Home provided services for 30 families during the past year 2021.

Marion offered heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers who continue to keep our Funeral Home efficient, compassionate, professional, and successful.

North Shore Funeral Home makes recognition of Dingwell Funeral Home of Souris for their smooth and professional embalming services.

Marion Trowbridge, outgoing chairperson, and Rosie Dunnn and Michelle Gouthro, outgoing Board members were thanked for their time given serving on the Board, with citations and gift cards being presented to them on behalf of the Board by the Treasurer, Colleen Younie.

Michelle Burge from accounting firm, MRSB, presented the financial statement for the past year. North Shore Funeral Home remains in a good financial position.

Lisa Holland, Rita MacKenzie, and Billy Joe O’Hanley have been appointed as new Board members.

Colleen Younie has been re-appointed to the position of Treasurer.

Kathleen Trainor has been re-appointed to the position of Registrar.

George Morrison has been re-appointed to the position of Head Funeral Director. 

MRSB has been re-appointed to be the auditing firm for North Shore Funeral Home.

Bill Lewis gave a brief and interesting presentation on using a personal planner as part of the pre-planning process to ease the burden on family members who are looking after the needs of their deceased family member.

Those in attendance received a personal planner to bring home.

Kathleen and Mary Trainor prepared and served a delicious lunch at the end of the meeting, which was enjoyed by all.